What to expect on your first visit?

Whether you are here to see us for diagnosis of a symptom or recommendation for a known problem or even for a second opinion, please be assured that we are here to help you.

The range of treatment we provide may include medications or if needed, surgery. Or it could just be counselling and advice about lifestyle changes. Many patients do not realise that most ENT conditions do not require surgery.

Please remember to bring your NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) or your child’s birth certificate if you intend to use Medishield/Medisave for the treatment (certain conditions apply).

Please bring your letters from the referring doctor and any cards that accord you treatment at discounted prices (eg Parkway Shenton) etc.

It would be useful to let us know the medications that you are already taking and please bring previous medical/scan reports especially if seeking a second opinion.

Blood tests that are needed are taken by phlebotomists in our clinic and we may occasionally need to arrange for tests (eg CT/MRI Scans) in centres elsewhere.

The doctor and our staff are extremely pleasant and will do our best to put you at ease.


1.What are the clinic’s charges for Consultation and Nasoendoscopy?

Consultation fee for the first visit is $120 and above.

Standard Nasoendoscopy (MOH code SM700N Table 1A) : $250. This is lower than fees paid by private patients in most public hospitals in Singapore! However some Third Party Administrators (TPA)  eg Insurance Panels etc, have fixed charges for procedures including for Nasoendoscopy which may be higher or lower.

But for private patients who pay out of own pockets, the fee is fixed for sake of affordability.

Total cost of consultation and treatment depends on the above plus tests and medications ( if any).

2.What are methods of payments?

For private patients, we accept cash, NETS and most major credit cards ( Visa/Master/Amex).

3.Is our clinic part of any Third Party Administrators -TPA’s ( eg Insurance panels or networks) providing preferred fees and credit billing arrangements? 

We are currently part of the following Insurance Panels/networks:

i) IHP-Integrated Health Plans Pte Ltd

ii) Parkway Shenton/Cigna/Medixchange networks

iii)NTUC Enhanced Preferred Integrated Shield Plan network

iv)Adept Health which has the following corporate health client networks:

a. Great Eastern Corporate Health

b. NTUC Corporate Health

c. AXA Insurance companies ( Corporate clients)

d. Doctor Anywhere ( Corporate clients)

v) Health Connect ( Adept Health)- Great Eastern Integrated Shield Plan network 

Some of the above networks allow credit billing arrangements although some may require small co-payments. 

Please bring identifications ( physical or digital) which confirm your affiliations with these networks to enjoy preferred rates and billing arrangements. Please bring referral letters ( if required) and also check if your referring doctors have the necessary approval notification codes from the network administrators. If unsure please call us or check with your HR/ referring doctors.

 3.For private patients, how do they get reimbursed after submitting for Medishield/Medisave-filing?

Patients using Medishield/Medisave for approved procedures done in the clinic have to pay first and will be reimbursed with a check after CPF Board/Insurance companies have released payment. As insurance policies vary greatly, we will not know about the reimbursable amount until payment is released to us.

4. What are the surgery fees for common ENT operations?

The Ministry of Health ( MOH) has published fee guideline ranges which MOH deems are reasonable for private hospitals in Singapore. Click HERE

Please be assured that our fees are almost always within the guideline ranges. On a case-by-case basis, our fees may be lowered from our usual levels on compassionate grounds. Terms and conditions will apply such as patients not staying in Single bed rooms and payers ie Insurance and employers, must not be able to pay the usual surgery fees.

TPA’s/networks have fixed preferred rates for most procedures

Our clinic reserves the right to make changes to this as we see fit.