Why Choose Huang Ear Nose & Throat Surgery ?

  • More than 25 years’ experience as ENT Surgeon
  • Treats adults and children
  • All treatments are evidence-based and MOH-approved and our fees are reasonable, being within MOH’s fee benchmarks. In fact, our standard Nasoendoscopy (for self pay patients) remains at $250! ( lower than private patient’s fee in most public hospitals!)
  • Medisave/Medishield can be used for Citizens/Permanent Residents for some procedures (eg Nasoendoscopy) done in our  clinic which has been designated by Singapore’s Ministry of Health as a “Day Surgery”.
  • Part of Networks which allows preferred rates and credit billing arrangements eg IHP/Parkway Shenton/Cigna/Medixchange/Adept Health/Health Connect-Great Eastern Shield Plan/NTUC Enhanced Preferred Shield Plan ( please see FAQ for details)
  • Experienced in treating Singapore residents as well as foreigners. Most tests and surgeries can be arranged with minimal delays.

Services Offered (Adult and Children)